6 Months Industrial Training in PHP

At Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd, conducting 6 months industrial training in PHP for the past 16 years. Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd is the Best Institute for 6 months PHP training in Chandigarh and is an ISO 9001 certified company. We are offering the best PHP and MYSQL training institute and training center in Chandigarh, 100% job oriented PHP Training with live project.
Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd has been the industry leader for developing innovative training programs which helps university and college students to get placed in the good companies and also helps in making their professional career. Students from Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal, Delhi, Uttarakhand and all over north India receive the 6 Months industrial training in PHP from Netmax.

6 Months Industrial Training in PHP:

  • PHP is an open source language, which is system independent and can be operated on all major operating systems like MAC, Window & even on Linux.
  • Operating system requires a different server to deal with PHP, like the LAMP for Linux Machine and WAMP for Windows machine.
  • PHP is a server-side scripting language used in the mobile Application interface programming web development.
  • PHP can be used in combination with leading databases like Oracle & MYSQL, and can easily integrate with other existing web technologies like CSS, HTML, Ajax, JavaScript and catchy web page
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Course Overview for 6 months industrial training in PHP students?


  1. PHP is better than Its Alternativess.
  2. How PHP works with the Web Server.
  3.  Software requirements and Hardware
  4. Saving data for later.
  5. The Origin of PHP.
  6. Repeating code

Introduction to SQL

  1. Finding out about errors.
  2. Finding the number of rows.
  3. Entering and updating data.
  4. Connecting to the MYSQL
  5. Inserting data.
  6. Adding data to a table.

 Basic PHP Development

  1. String in PHP.
  2. Variable manipulation.
  3. PHP data types.
  4. How PHP scripts work.
  5. Testing for a specific data type.
  6. Operators.


  1. Working with the query string.
  2. Creating session cookie.
  3. Creating query string.
  4. Setting a cookie with PHP.
  5. The anatomy of a Cookie.
  6. Deleting a cookie.


  1. Passing session Ids.
  2. Starting a session.
  3. Destroying session.
  4. What is a session?
  5. Encoding and decoding session variable.
  6. Working with session variables.

Control Structures

  1. Nesting loops
  2. the do while statement.
  3. Using the? Operator.
  4. Using the else clause with if statement.
  5. The if statement.
  6. Nesting loops.


  1. Defining a function.
  2. User-defined functions.
  3. Accessing variable with the global statement.
  4. Setting default values for arguments.
  5. Function calls with the static statement.
  6. Testing for function existence Arrays.
  7. Multidimensional Arrays.
  8. Looping through an array.
  9. Joining arrays.
  10. Sorting an associative array.

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